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I've been working on campers for 20 years and it's the best coating for a Rubber Roof I've ever used. I highly recommends this. It's the coating you wanna use.


I really like the way this product goes on thick and easy. Very adhesive and quick drying. Looks and feels great. I've noticed that the roof is much cooler now.


My skylight was leaking and I didn't think caulking was going to work so I thought I would try the RV Flex Repair Roof Tape. After I ordered, it arrived in 2 days and came with a Roller!. It was really easy to apply and made a good seal.


I can't believe how great this stuff is. I used the RV Flex Repair Roof Tape to bridge a large joint on the front seam. I wanted to make it all uniform and seamless so I painted the RV Flex Repair 100% Silicone Roof Coating over it. It's amazing!!! I'm going to do my whole roof now.


My Story

I was in the same situation as you trying to maintain and repair my Motorhome Roof. I said to myself, there has to be a better way. That's when my journey started to create the worlds best RV Roof solution. Read MY STORY HERE.


When I created the RV Flex Repair product line, I wanted it to be hassle free and last the life of your RV. I feel we've accomplished this and stand behind our products 100%. If for any reason your product has an issue, I will replace it or refund it over the life of your RV. Even if something strange happens like a branch goes through your roof, let me know and I'll send you out free product to fix it. I don't know of anyone else who stands behind their products like this.


Why Are RV Flex Repair Products The Best Option?

The products are formulated with ingredients that last 50+ years. They stand up to hot and cold environments and are UV stable. These products are backed by the 100% warranty so you never have to worry again.

Is Shipping Really Free For All Products?

Yes, I hate thinking about how much will it cost to ship to me. We've developed a supply chain where we can get your order to most locations with free shipping in roughly 3-4 business days. Carriers are experiencing some delays due to Covid.

Can It Be Used On A TPO Roof?

Before using RV Flex Repair products on a TPO roof, a TPO roof coating primer must be used first to promote adhesion. Generally this can be found at a local roofing supply store.

Can I Add Another Coat Years Later?

Yes, if for some reason you need to do a touch up, you can apply the RV Flex Repair 100% Silicone Roof Coating on top of itself. Be sure to provide a clean, dry surface.

How Much Product Do I Need?

Generally most RV's will require 1 roll of Roof Seam Tape, 1 - 4 Pack of Caulking and 1 - 5 Gallon pail of Roof Coating Sealant.

30 Foot RV - 5 Gallons of Coating

35 Foot RV - 6 Gallons of Coating

40 Foot RV - 7 Gallons of Coating

How Do I Know What My Roof Is?

Generally most roofs are EPDM Rubber Roofs. This is a sheet membrane that feels like rubber. Other RV Roofs can be Fiberglass (smooth hard shell - give a rough sand before coating), Metal/Aluminum (give a rough sand before coating) and TPO (plasticy sheet membrane - use a TPO roof coating primer)

What Are Some Tips To Help Me?

1. Provide a clean, dry surface for any application.

2. Apply the Roof Seam Tape and Caulking before applying the Roof Coating Sealant.

3. Apply the Roof Coating Sealant very heavy. After applying your heavy Prep Coat around vents, edges... apply your full roof coat very heavy as well. The goal is to reach your final coverage in 1 final heavy coat. If you cannot apply it all in 1 coat, it's ok to do the 2nd coat when dry enough to work on. You can touch the membrane to see if anything is wet underneath.

4. Use disposable gloves, brushes and rollers. Do not try and save them or wash.

5. If you want to store the coating, store in a room temperature, low humidity environment. You can place a piece of plastic on the surface to help prevent curing inside the bucket. If surface skinning does occur, you can peel off the top layer, throw out and and mix the rest of the coating well before use.